AION is based in Ascona, in the southern part of Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, under a hill called 'Monte Verità' (Mountain of Truth), which drew from the late nineteenth century to the first half of XX century Russian expatriates, naturists, philosophers, painters, writers and scholars of great international renown.



Oct 29 and Oct 30

Eranos Foundation

Spiritualità e scienza nella visione filosofica di Raimon Panikkar

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Casa Eranos, Ascona-Moscia

About AION

About AION
Maurizio Marini at his presentation at the opening of "Collectio"

In March 2003 Aion purchased and restored the subsidiary of the Credit Suisse Bank in Ascona, with its structural and architectural features, large display areas, the high-security bank vault for the storage of works of art during the studies, archives and offices for different departments, brought into being the Aion Art Center, dedicated to artistic and cultural activities.

About AION

Fine Art Consulting

About AION
Giovanni Battista Piranesi, engraving. Close up.

AION coordinates storing of documents, art conservation, estimation, scientific analysis, restoration, research, publications and promotion of works of ancient and modern art, Eastern and Western, in partnership with the most renowned experts and specialists in various fields.


Exhibitions catalogues

Catalogo - Madonna con Bambino - P.P. Rubens

S.Carlo Lugano 2016

Catalogo - Luini

S.Carlo Lugano 2015

Catalogo - Rubens Catalogue

AION Ascona e Lugano 2012

Catalogo - Bunker Poetico

AION Ascona 2007

Catalogo - Bunker Poetico

AION Ascona 2005

Catalogo - Deng Xiao Ping

AION Ascona 2004

Catalogo - Maestri Antichi

AION Ascona 2003


AION Restoration Services


In the art history, errors in the restoration have done more damage to works of art that wars. We coordinate the restoration with the utmost care and caution with the best specialists in the various sectors, ages and authors.

AION Restoration Services


The scientific analyzes are now a prerequisite for any major study. We coordinate the studies with the most serious and well-equipped laboratories in accordance with the needs and requirements of the works to be studied.

AION Restoration Services

Art Storage

An high-security bank vault for the conservation of works of art during the studies is available at the center of Ascona, where you can organize viewings and study the works with the utmost safety and comfort in specially equipped rooms.